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Concamo Ghost Hoodie

Concamo Ghost Hoodie

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The Ghost-Hoodie weighs only ~ 395g (13,93oz). This makes it lighter than conventional ghillie suits. It is worn over clothing and can also cover tactical gear. It covers the full upper body and when in crouch it usually touches the ground. The back is long enough to cover a daypack.

The hood is attached and fits over a helmet, even with ear pro on it. The elastic band allows adjustment of the hood. The eye opening is covered with mosquito net.

The also sewn on hand camouflage is like mittens and fits over gloves.
In the front there is a opening with a cover flap. This can be used for a lens or a scope. Below this opening is a small elastic loop to shorten the front of the hoodie.  In our instructional video you can see how this is done.

On the Hoodie are around 50 CFIX loops. These can be used to attach natural vegetation or our adaptive camouflage materials. 

  • On and off in seconds
  • Wearable with or without helmet
  • One size for all. Fits over any equipment / daypack
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to holsters, belts, bags and equipment
  • Eye slit with mesh for optimal camouflage in close range
  • Optic opening for covering rifle and shoulders in prone
  • Hand camo like mittens
  • One piece without loss of parts
  • Extremely small pack size: approx. 2 l / ca. 395g
  • More than 50 CFIX camouflage attachment points
  • High quality IRR print
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Customer Reviews

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Mason W
The hype was real

Perfect for keeping bagged while hiking to a hunting spot and it looks as good in person as it does online. Only downsides are that it is a bit shorter than I thought as it only extends a couple inches below my waist at the sides but I am 6'1" which may be the reason. Otherwise I would have liked a finger loop as is shown on the poncho version since the gloved hands are mitten style and make it difficult to manipulate a firearm, and without gloving up and the sleeves are open under the forearm so it results in little coverage below the elbow when gloved. The person at Colorblind was quick to respond and package came in quick.